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Use your alias (part in front of the @ of your email address) as the file name.The Search location path tells Outlook where to look for other people's free/busy information.You may want to publish a longer period, especially since 2 months equals "this month and next month" not 60 days forward.

You can use Microsoft Outlook to publish Free/Busy information to any server your and your coworkers (or friends and family) have read/write access to.

Exchange users will automatically see the free/busy information of other members of their server, provided they have the correct permissions.

To read the Free/Busy information of other people, you need a contact record in your Contacts folder for the people whose free/busy information you want to view.

This is a global setting and applies to all contacts unless the contact contains a different Free/Busy URL.

In order to be able to publish your free/busy information, you need a default search location in the Search location.

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