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Really, beyond the mere admiration of the natural endowment of curves some men actually admire and desire women who are muscular.It may sound strange for some but the reality is it that some men really admire muscular women.If reading about Abbye inspired you, read on to learn more about—and join! Join our private Facebook group to connect with other like-minded members of the Girls Gone Strong community.This is a CLOSED group where we share our stories and experiences, both in and out of the gym, as we work daily to create and embrace the lives we want, on our own terms.The internet has simplified the way a lot of things are been done these days and thanks to the web 2.0 edge cutting internet landscape. Besides the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace and a host of others, there are social networking websites such as which are designed specifically for bodybuilders.

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Les also received an award for sharing Pudgy with the world and was jokingly called, “Mr.

Abbye Eville, more commonly known around the world as Pudgy Stockton, was born August 11th, 1917 in Santa Monica, California.

During her childhood she acquired the nickname, “Pudgy” and it stuck with her; little did she know it was a name soon to be known all around the world.

Les was athletetic himself standing 5’10, weighing 185 pounds, and competing in Weightlifting, Wrestling, and Gymnastics.

Soon after their marriage, Les, their friend Bruce Connor, and Abbye formed a hand-balancing act, which toured the Los Angeles area performing in various events.

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