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The animations were simple and contributed little to the overall game.

And the game is boring, too short, and gets lost in complexity were it could have win in afinity These meet and screw games are all kind of alike, but all have different styles of play. Now, I understand that these games are short little things, but it`s very hard to ignore small flaws when sometimes I can barely understand what is happening due to the poor spelling and grammar.

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Oh how i wish they made Horny teacher 2 like "Eleanor" is made.

That`d be brilliant to play as slutty teacher, visiting stripclubs, Having sex with the students, getting promotions by blowing the director. the teacher is hot and well,it could be better but its a good thing that you shoudent be clicking all the time and honestly who woudent love to throw a hot read headed teacher on one of the school desks? even too great for a free game : D : D that`s why I love to be signed up in this site and play its games!! The butchered language is distracting, the quiz aspect is half trial and error rather than anything else, and the pay off events aren`t exactly fully animated, amounting to a weak presentation all around.

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