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Mvemba Phezo Dizolele, a professor of African studies in the U. who has been notably critical of President Kabila, previously served as a contributing blogger for OSISA.The Enough Project's previous parent entity, the Center for American Progress, was heavily funded by Soros and his Open Society Foundations.Soros has made billions meddling in elections the world over--including in the United States.He is dedicated to promoting a highly partisan progressive, left-wing agenda and profiting off chaos and crisis overseas.

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"Madonna" fue mejor recibida que "Magic", superando sus posiciones en las listas de música en línea dentro de dos semanas y alcanzando el número 1 en la Tabla de Gaon.

A principal funder of 172 Democracy Alliance-funded organization, the Soros U. network is pushing questions and skepticism of census and redistricting validity, just as he and his network are doing in DRC.

Soros and his affiliated philanthropies are heavily involved in funding and promoting global anti-President Kabila sentiment and criticism of the DRC government.

Katumbi's version of Congo's prosperity is drawn very narrowly around Katumbi himself and this tightly-knit and highly interconnected group headed by George Soros.

With an estimated net worth of over 0 million and ownership stakes in several businesses, including the DRC's most popular soccer team, Katumbi - despite his exile - has a network and a platform to promote himself and weaken Congo's current elected government, the very leaders who secured a lasting peace between rival factions in Congo almost two decades ago, a group with whom Katumbi himself used to be affiliated until 2015.

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